blockchain real estate benefits

blockchain real estate benefits.


  • Improving trust and transparency: Blockchain technology offers a verifiable and censorship-resistant option for sharing information (such as valuation details and smart contracts).
  • Reducing siloed databases: Real estate processes would benefit from secure and tamper-resistant shared databases that compile data and documents from various different stakeholders in one place.
  • Making transaction processes more efficient: Most real estate transactions are still conducted through wire transfers and require costly verification processes that can take days to complete. Blockchain-based transactions could enable a streamlined process which delivers quickly and reduces costs.
  • Limiting the use of intermediaries: Many intermediaries — from brokers to escrow companies — could be made more efficient by blockchain-based approaches, as records could be stored, verified, and transferred using blockchain technology. Removing the need for intermediaries could dramatically reduce costs and save time.

Smart contracts and tokenization of commercial and residential units. By tokenizing a property, we convert the operation into a global one, eliminating intermediaries and creating a more efficient and transparent investment process.

Real estate records around the globe, using the most transparent, robust and secure technology.

Trade of property tokens in a transparent and regulated stock market. This is a decentralized exchange platform for asset-backed tokens.

Through programmable smart contracts, participants will carry out quick and safe transactions in a private collaborative environment. This environment facilitates the documentation, communication and execution of real estate transactions.


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