Blockchain Real Estate

Early Adopter Program

Real Estate Redefined is a Blockchain National Real Estate web application “website” for property sales., a product of United States Real Estate Corporation, USREC,  is a Blockchain Real Estate Platform and System that makes it possible for the first time ever for people and companies to make real estate transactions without going through archaic intermediary systems like brick and mortar real estate brokerages and agents, lenders and escrow companies that can make transactions more expensive, slow, error ridden and may open opportunities for fraud or crime.

Blockchain is a hot topic worldwide these days, yet for many, the technology remains an elusive concept. Yet it shouldn’t. The concept is simple once you understand the advantages of blockchain. 


Real Estate Redefined
When you do have your “aha” moment, the world will never seem the same to you again.


Azusa Benefits

► Exclusive Leads and Revenue Stream
► Training and Coaching
► Industry Disrupting Technology

►  INDEX ◄

►   OPTION 1 Property Owner submits Listing
►   OPTION 2 RETS/RESO import for property feed
    What we will require from you to be involved in the EAP


We are about to launch, a national real estate industry disrupting Blockchain Real Estate Platform and would like to invite you to apply as an “Early Adopter” Associate Broker to receive Listing and Buyer referrals,

As we all know, this is our number one challenge and cost. As an Early Adopter Broker you will get the exclusive Buyer and Seller leads for your State sent to you from our market disrupting system and benefit from the income generated from the qualified Buyers and Sellers. is a public facing web application “website” that offers nationwide properties for sale, providing Buyers, Sellers and Agents instant gratification, trust, transparency and efficiency by utilizing Blockchain technology. Azusa offers “Real Estate Redefined” as a Nationwide Market Disrupting Real Estate platform.

Azusa will have every listing in the country, similar to Zillow, Realtor, etc.

Through smart contracts, users can carry out quick, efficient and safe transactions in a private blockchain environment. This environment facilitates the documentation, communication, execution and closing of real estate transactions.

We will be attracting Listings by allowing Sellers to enter their properties for sale directly into the system at a 1% listing fee and offering 1% to a Buyers Agent for a 2% total selling fee (with a minimum listing fee amount, TBD).  We use this method in Hawaii and sold over 56 million in 2019 this way, however unlike Zillow and many others, we will NOT be selling Zip Codes, instead we will be forwarding and assigning these Buyer and Seller leads directly to our EAP Associate Brokers, You.

Would you be willing to take Listings at 1% of selling price at closing with a 10% referral fee of collected commission at closing? (ie. 250k Listing = $2,500 Listing Fee = $250 referral fee  to USREC)

With over 750 thousand listings, we will be attracting many Buyers and will forward these leads to our Associate Brokers with a 10% referral fee of collected commission at closing to USREC.

(ie. 250k Listing = $2,500 Listing Fee = $250 referral fee  to USREC) This 10% referral fee to USREC of collected commission at closing will only be offered to our “early adopter”  Associate Brokers.

This revenue will be utilized for marketing, seo and advertising of 

Later associate brokers referrals, if any, will be at a minimum of 25%.



Users will access and browse a web based directory of residential properties for sale, and in future rentals, in development, browse mortgage rates, connect with a Azusa Certified Lender (ACL) to get a mortgage quote or apply for pre-approval if buyer needs a loan. To maintain their participation in the program, agents must complete the (ACE) online blockchain certification training course at, and other training as it is developed. We will send you a discount code for free courses, to educate you about Blockchain and maintain a minimum service standard of blockchain knowledge, the Azusa system and other courses as developed for customer satisfaction and broker success.


Potential Buyer visits and enters criteria by search area,  city, state or zip and is presented with matching properties being offered for sale. User may also enter advanced search details, ie. price range, number of bedrooms, baths or other features, etc. to narrow down properties presented for sale.

Buyer can then view properties that match criteria, showing information on property to include main photo, price and basic details of property.

When a property is clicked, the website will show a “Property Detail Page” with advanced details of the property, listing agent, “you”, contact information, with a “Make Offer Button” that generates a Blockchain Smart Contract. 

Buyer can “Save” properties into their account, the Azusa system generates a “Create Account” button to create a User Account in System, or in future sent to your CRM as new lead, where a buyer can come back to the website and view their Saved Properties. Potential Buyer will be KYC’d (verified) then Buyer is allowed to submit a Smart Contract Offer on property.

Agent will receive the offer and either “Accept Offer” or generate a smart contract “Counter Offer” back to the Potential Buyer with Seller’s Terms.

Once Buyer and Seller come to an Agreement of “Price and Terms” a Final Smart Purchase Contract is generated for Buyer and Seller approval.  Once approved, Smart Contract is sent to Buyer and Seller for electronic signature/authorization. Once Smart Contract is finalized by all parties, it is sent to all pertinent parties and generates a “New Property” in our integrated Blockchain Transaction admin system,, and invites all pertinent contract parties, including Escrow/Closing Attorney, by Email where they can oversee EMD funding, contingencies and closing. 

Transaction contingencies are finalized by all parties, funded and property transferred to Buyer.



OPTION 1 Property Owner submits Listing.

Property Owner visits and creates an account and submits property for sale, enters property details, price, photos and amenities.

User is KYC’d to verify ownership of property. Once ownership is verified, and the associate broker accepts listing, property will be made active on  local MLS and website.

OPTION 2 RETS/RESO import for property feed

RETS import to Azusa will provide thousands of MLS properties, over 750k listings once fully deployed, into the Azusa system. The Initial RETS  Nationwide import will by Early Adopters, will require an IDX/RETS agreement from your MLS systems.



Integrated Online Transaction Administration system,, Will allow access to Buyer, Seller, Agents, Escrow officer, Closing Attorney and all pertinent parties, ie. inspectors, to complete the transaction.  System will allow all parties to complete transactions using existing methods and procedures. 

Escrow transaction system will allow for both stand and dynamic contract contingencies with Document storage and viewing sensitive data access that can be controlled by Escrow Officer or administrator. 

Escrow Task Manager

Standard Closing Requirements 

Purchase Contract
Earnest Money (EMD)
Seller Information
Buyer Information
Agent Information
Preliminary Title
Title Commitment
Contingencies (varies by State)
Payoff & Invoices
Final Loan Documents
Clear to Close
Buyer/ Seller Signing
Closing and Disbursement
Final Policy

Dynamic Contingencies

Ability for Escrow manager to create dynamic Contingencies assigned to the Buyer or Seller side with contingency description, responsible party (Buyer/Seller) and date due, a “task management system”.



(ACE) Azusa Certified Expert – Approved Agent in system to receive Buyer and Listings leads, Agent to complete online (ACE) Certification Course at Course, (ACE) will be placed in Agent Directory for potential Buyers/Sellers to select (ACE) agent to represent them. 

(ACL) Azusa Certified Lender – Lender that has completed online (ACL) online blockchain training certification course system at, Once Certified (ACL) will be placed in (ACL) Lender Directory or website sidebar for potential Buyers/Seller to select Lender to represent them.

(CRM) Customer relationship management system.

(KYC) Know Your Customer system, alternatively known as know your client or simply KYC, is the process of authenticating and verifying the identity of its clients.

MRA Master Referral Agreement signed by (ACE) brokerage.

Property detail page – Web page showing property details.

Purchase Smart Contract  – Buyer and Seller signed agreement of Sale (Purchase Contract).

RETS Verified Agent – Identified (ACE) Agent based on their MLS ID number. Utilized for Leads to be sent via Email to (ACE).

(SCO) Smart Contract Offer – A smart contract is a computer protocol form system to digitally initiate, facilitate, verify, and enforce the negotiation or performance of a purchase contract.

(VPO) Verified/Valid Property Owner – System using (KYC) process to authenticate Seller to Property.


What’s in it for you?

Benefits of being in the Early Adopter Program (EAP)

  1. Leads and Revenue As an EAP Early Adopter you will benefit from exclusive Buyer and Full Service Seller leads and assignments that are generated from the Azusa system that will be sent directly to you, until a point in time when you notify us  that you are being sent too many, at that point we may open up the State to other brokers to handle the excess number of leads. Although those later brokers will not benefit from the Early Adopter 10% referral fee, and other EAP benefits  they will be at a minimum of a 25% Referral Fee.
    Do the Math
    SELLER LEADS = Projected minimum of 10 Seller Leads at 250k = $25,000 Profit (minus $2,500 referral) = $22,500 per month.
    BUYER LEADS = Projected minimum of 10 Seller Leads at 250k = $25,000 Profit (minus $2,500 referral) = $22,500 per month.
  2. Systems Access to our EAP policies, practices and procedures to handle the increased load of handling a  large number of Full Service listings with a minimum of effort by Brokerage and Agents.
  3. Training Training and education courses at at free or highly discounted rates.
  4. You have a say in Azusa product advancement.

    By joining our AZUSA EAP and by doing “trial and error” on the product and sharing your thoughts, you become  a crucial player in the growth and development of Azusa. In other words, you have the power to shape and influence Azusa  as it pushes through the evolution cycle. It’s a satisfying feeling to have your voice heard.
  5. You get bragging rights.
    Equally satisfying are the bragging rights for being the first users of Azusa. You have a conversation piece to discuss with friends and family, and you become a kind of “go-getter” for anyone with questions about Azusa. As Azusa becomes more popular over time, you can say that you used  it before everyone else did.
  6. You can become a thought leader.
    Not only do you forge contact with companies, you also create connections in the product circle – other people who, like you, are enthusiasts of the product. You have the ability to share the benefits and disadvantages of the new gadget at hand, creating buzz for a larger community of consumers, from fellow early adopters to late followers.
  7. Financial Benefit
    As they say, the early bird gets the worm. By providing first-hand knowledge on the usage of Azusa, you get the worm of helping Azusa evolve and improve over time. While many products eventually become a household item, they would not have gotten there without people like you who are passionate enough to move forward. As an early adopter, you don’t follow the crowd – you lead the crowd, while others wonder what happened. 

    Do the Math
    ► SELLER LEADS = min of 10 Seller Leads at 250k = $25,000 Profit (minus $2,500 referral) = $22,500 per mo.
    ► BUYER LEADS = min of 10 Seller Leads at 250k = $25,000 Profit (minus $2,500 referral) = $22,500 per mo.

What We’re Looking For

Real estate experience. Strong residential real estate experience and the ability to handle a large number of highly qualified Listing and Buyer assignments in your State.

Technical experience. The capability of learning, adopting and embracing cost efficient policies, practices and procedures with cutting edge technologies that will improve agent and customer experience,  as well as your bank account, we offer many cost and time efficiency training.

Entrepreneurial. We’re changing the way homes are bought and sold. You’ll be breaking new ground with discounted fees and full service and you will have to want to be entrepreneurial in your brokerage.

Structured. We’ve created a proven system and marketing plan that succeeds, so you’ll get many qualified  referrals.

Passionate. Do you have a genuine desire to get in on the ground floor to redefine the way real estate is done? Excited about bringing value to customers while providing an excellent real estate experience? Passion drives a successful brokerage!

Desire and ability to learn. We have a growing team of experts that you can and should contact if you have questions, concerns or ideas. As a company that’s committed to stay ahead of the market we’re constantly looking for ways to improve and meet the needs of our associates and clients.

What makes an Awesome company
Awesome people, like you. Sure, we’re all here to do exceptional work and have success, but we want to enjoy the journey, we work hard and have fun doing it. We laugh together, trust each other and know that real, industry-changing success comes from a willingness to pool our strengths and efforts toward a common goal.

Changing The Way Homes Are Bought and Sold
Join our team of real estate innovators and market disruptors! We leverage technology and use a team approach to deliver incredible service at a substantial savings to clients.

We are Consumer-Centric
Enthusiasm, Ethics, Passion for helping required.  We can train you Real Estate the new way! You can receive training and the mentoring you need to participate in a new real estate paradigm in a lucrative consumer-centric service driven industry.


What we will require from you to be involved

  1. Completed application at
    1. If accepted as an Early Adopter Broker associate.
      1. A completed IDX agreement from your MLS(s) to import MLS listings into the Azusa system, this will provide over 750k listings in the system for lead generation.
      2. Completion of free BLOCKCHAIN Courses at, Required for Agents and Transaction Coordinators working with blockchain transactions for Seller and Buyer Leads, to better understand blockchain and its benefit to Buyers and Sellers.
      3. Completed “Master Referral Agreement”
      4. Prepare for Leads, Ensure your Back-end Administration process is prepared and capable of handling increased volume. If needed, we can offer low cost efficient systems to handle the increased business.