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Azusa Associate Brokerage

Azusa Associate Brokerage

Gain More Visibility and Business
Azusa will have all listing from all MLS’s system in the United States.
Azusa.com will attract nationwide home buyers and sellers who are looking to work with the top real estate agents in their area. Our platform allows agents to showcase their talents to highly motivated real estate leads.


We are about to launch Azusa.com, a national real estate industry disrupting Real Estate Portal.

We will be launching in the next few weeks, once launched, if we do not have a broker for the State referrals, we will be opening up the States not yet filled for a 25% referral fee. EAP Program ends in 10 Days

APPLY NOW (before someone else does and you lose your state(FREE MONEY)


Azusa.com is a product of the United States Real Estate Corporation, USREC
Real Estate Redefined
When you do have your “aha” moment, the world may never seem the same to you again.
We will be attracting Listings by allowing Sellers to enter their properties for sale directly into the system at a 1% listing fee and offering 1% to a Buyers Agent for a 2% total selling fee (with a minimum listing fee amount of $3500).  We use this method in Hawaii and sold over 60 million in 2020 this way, however unlike Zillow and many others, we will NOT be selling Zip Codes, instead we will be forwarding and assigning these Buyer and Seller leads directly to our Associate Brokers, You.
Would you be willing to take Listings at 1% of selling price at closing, with a 10% referral of collected commission at closing?

Example: $250,000 Listing = $2,500 Listing Fee = $250 referral fee to USREC

With over 750 thousand listings, we will be attracting many Buyers and will forward these leads to our Associate Brokers with a 10% referral of collected commission at closing to USREC.

Example: $250,000 Buyer Lead from a property listed with a “Traditional Agent” at 6% = $7,500 Buyer Commission Fee = $750 referral to USREC

This 10% referral fee to USREC of collected commission at closing will only be offered to our “early adopter”  Associate Brokers.

This revenue will be utilized for marketing, seo and advertising of Azusa.com.  Later associate brokers referrals, if any, will be at a minimum of 25%

APPLY NOW (before someone else does)